Abstract Artist Rezvan Kani

Born and bred in Iran, abstract artist Rezvan Kani established herself in Andorra in 1979. Although she obtained her degree in architecture, she turned to painting soon after her arrival. Nourished with the centuries-old history of Persia, she has, nonetheless, a sharp contemporary eye, and her typical Far-Eastern softness hides those remarkably analytical powers that belong to women.

Abstract Artist

With her unique style, soon she became well known as an abstract artist in Andorra. Reviews of her contemporary, abstract and imaginary paintings are numerous and unanimous: celebrities, whether artists or politicians, are full of praise for her subjects; often, her abstract imaginary work has been compared with Chagall, Picasso and Cocteau. Certainly, the falsely shy (and definitely discreet) artist would deny these lines since, after all, it’s not up to her to write her own critique.

Abstract Painting is her writing. Is it primitive writing or contemporary painting? Her contemporary and abstract paintings show neither cliché nor still life. Rezvan Kani paints mankind, depicts it rather, for the better and for the worst. Love and hate, tenderness and brutality, everything is good enough… Her own Grail is permanent quest, a painted translation of life’s tensions: isn’t balance born out of chaos? No need for the artist to live in turmoil of noisy and frantic capitals. The media is their reflection and tells enough about the matter. She prefers the quietness of mountains and valleys.

Considering media, the Diari d’Andorra, one of the country’s two daily newspapers, dedicated an exhibition to her work, displaying the diversity of her style and technique, providing her with an opportunity to study the possibilities that mixed techniques offer when it comes to mingling painting with photography. After years of hard work, her contemporary paintings are today a kaleidoscope of subtle primitive African and Pre-Columbian overtones transfused with typical oriental colors.

Rezvan, obviously, has the harmony of those who have chosen the ways of tolerance and multi-culture, which will become a part of her. Or rather a fragment of humanity that you will, in turn, possess as you hang one of her paintings on your wall. One calls that one of the privileges of which, today, there are far too few.

Philippe Delécluse

A collection of the artist’s Abstract and Fine Art Paintings are currently available for purchase at Fine Art America. Besides paintings on canvas there are also posters and painting prints available for purchase.